At 60 Years: Philadelphians Remember November 22, 1963

Moviehouse Productions calls on four Philadelphians to recall their memories of the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and to reflect on his legacy. Our guests are:

Joel Spivak, Community Activist

Larry Smallwood, Co-Festival Director, Philafilm

Jackie Strauss, Radio Personality, “Remember When”

Rick Spector, Moviehouse Productions

Dan Storper, Co-Chairperson, speaks for the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC)

TRC ‘ s (www.americantruthnow.org) mission is to create understanding about the political assassinations of the 1960’s and how these events still influence our lives today.

Remembering Bill Campbell: Dean of Philadelphia Sportscasters

There was no finer Philadelphia sportscaster in terms of excitement, competence, and longevity than Bill Campbell.

In honor of MOVIEHOUSE PRODUCTIONS fortieth anniversary, we proudly present “Remembering Bill Campbell” a newly enhanced transcription of Bill’s “question and answer” session with a group of his fans, recorded originally in 1983.

You are invited to watch Bill’s candid and insightful review of the sports scene of long ago and the highs and lows of his great career on the Philadelphia airwaves. 

Holiday Stew: A Philadelphia Story

Join us for the annual presentation of a Philadelphia tradition, Holiday Stew!

“Holiday Stew” is a tribute to Philadelphia’s exciting multi-cultural Holiday traditions. As our major focus, we zero in on Northeast Philadelphia. Celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, the Mummers Parade, Holiday music, enjoy some seasonal recipes and more. We also rejoice with the Eagles at their snowy 1948 championship game!

Moviehouse Productions first brought Holiday Stew to life in 2008, through the inspiration of Northeast Philadelphia’s Rhawnhurst “NORC”. NORC stands for “Naturally Occurring Retirement Community “. Rhawnhurst NORC serves several zip codes, helping older people of diverse backgrounds to age gracefully in their own homes. Holiday Stew has played live to enthusiastic audiences for many years. It is hoped this video version will bring the joy of Philadelphia Holiday celebrations to even greater audiences.

Please share with your family, friends and colleagues. Happy Holidays!

Philadelphia’s Manhole Cover Kings

Old manhole covers dot our Philadelphia city streets. Taking time to study them poses obvious safety risks, but if you take care and are curious enough to do so, these weathered iron discs reveal much about our city’s proud industrial past. Join with Moviehouse Productions to learn about Simon Scullin and J. Alfred Clark, Philadelphia’s undisputed manhole cover kings.

Jim’s Story: Growing up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Moviehouse Productions usual subject matter is “gritty “stories of growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This time, we throw our viewers a “change-up”, as we tell a story of coming of age in a rural area.

Our setting is Reinholds, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our storyteller is Jim Nolt, who spent his formative years in this beautiful farming community, mid 1940’s through the late 1960’s. Jim speaks of the hard work and joys of farm life, but also his attraction to the big city 65 miles southeast; the City of Brotherly Love.

Jim Nolt is a long time friend Moviehouse Productions’ Rick Spector. Jim and Rick share an interest in the Golden Age of Television, especially the “Adventures of Superman” program and its star George Reeves.

A bonus track follows Jim’s story. Jim tells us about his “The Adventures Continue”, his special effort to preserve memories of the 1950’s Superman show and George Reeves. Read more about “The Adventures Continue” at http://www.jimnolt.com

Joel’s Feltonville Story

Rediscovered in the MOVIEHOUSE PRODUCTIONS archives is Joel Meyerowitz’s Feltonville Story, recorded on January 19, 2003. Feltonville is a neighborhood in upper North Philadelphia, centered around Front Street and the Roosevelt Boulevard. Joel lived in Feltonville between 1945 through part of the 1970’s at 358 E. Wyoming Avenue. This audio transcription is Joel’s vivid retelling of many facets of everyday life in Feltonville and his other Philadelphia adventures. This story of a great Philadelphia neighborhood will fortunately now never be lost to history.

The Linton’s Story

With all the high praise about old Horn and Hardart’s lately, Moviehouse Productions draws well deserved attention to Linton’s Restaurants, H and H’s chief competitor. Founder Isaiah Linton was a strict temperance man who enticed workmen out of saloons with inexpensive lunches finished off with Linton’s famous coffee. At its peak, twenty three Linton’s served 55,000 meals per day. Linton’s was famous for its button board system which shuttled waitress orders to and from the kitchen via conveyor belt.