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“Few people are more enmeshed or knowledgeable about Philadelphia nostalgia than Rick Spector.” The Philadelphia Daily News

Philly and Much More!!!!

In – person and “zoom” nostalgia programs for groups since 1983. We podcast as well!

Love to reminisce about the old neighborhood, favorite foods, sports, movies, radio, TV, or the Holidays?..You’ve got your man…

Moviehouse Productions Leads Historic NE Philly Castor Avenue Tour

Read about Moviehouse Productions in the “Jewish Exponent”!

Click here to learn about “Radio” Rick Spector in Philadelphia Corporation for Aging “Milestones”. Scroll to page 6!

 As conditions slowly improve and groups think about gathering again, don’t we need some fun and a few good laughs? Let’s discuss the outdoor presentation option too!!

A sampling of presentations:

The Old Neighborhood


When your Program reopens

Invite Rick Spector to your group! Here’s sample of  topics covered on “You Tube” in “100 Years of Philly History in 13 Minutes”. Check out the “programs” tab on this site for more  information.