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Nostalgia programs for groups and podcasting. In-person programming suspended during the pandemic. Check out our podcasts. They’re almost as good as seeing “Radio Rick” live and infinitely safer!


Click here to learn about “Radio” Rick Spector in Philadelphia Corporation for Aging “Milestones”. Scroll to page 6!

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The Fabulous 50’s:


A day in the life of America, January 28, 1956: the TV and movie stars, the music, top headlines, our entry into the space race, sports, the products that fueled our economy and much more… A real stroll down memory lane!

Nostalgia Programs for groups since 1983

“Few people are more enmeshed or knowledgeable about Philadelphia nostalgia than Rick Spector.”

– The Philadelphia Daily News

Love to reminisce about the old neighborhood, favorite foods, sports, movies, radio, TV, or the Holidays?

Rick combines commentary, music, film and images to bring on the memories. He provides all  his equipment. Just choose an hour-long live show and  assemble your group. That’s how the fun  begins!




  Hatboro- Horsham Adult School:  Wednesday February 12, 2020

Lost Philadelphia

Abington Adult School: March 26, 2020 (postponed)

Lost Philadelphia

Delaware Valley University: Fall 2020

Lost Philadelphia

Fabulous 1950’s

Invite Rick Spector to your group! Here’s sample of some topics covered on “You Tube” in “100 Years of Philly History in 13 Minutes”, recently updated. Be mindful that my programs are  “live” and “in- person”.  Check out the “programs” tab on this site for more  information.