“Phorgotten ” Philly Water Towers

In the midst of a searing heatwave, MOVIEHOUSE PRODUCTIONS provides relief by sharing tales of Philadelphia’s “phorgotten” water towers. Not only were these towers key for commerce, but they were familiar neighborhood landmarks as well. They pumped the fluid of life to our homes and industries. Special tribute is paid to the great Chestnut Hill water tower.

Phorgotten Towers


Ode to the “Jolly Mon”: A Lost Philly Mini-Golf Course

Miniature golf was the first huge  recreational fad of the Great Depression.  The “Jolly Mon”,  which opened in 1934 as the “South Seas”,  was part of the “wave” which allowed the struggling masses to live out their country club fantasies. Jolly Mon was a prominent Roosevelt Boulevard landmark. Its appeal continued for decades.


monkey cage

Philly’s Janet Gaynor: The First Star of “A Star is Born”.

Janet Gaynor was born in Philly’s Germantown neighborhood in 1906. She was the first star in a succession of “A Star is Born” films. Ms. Gaynor was first to win the “Best Actress” Academy Award in 1928. She became a painter of beautiful “still lifes” in her later years.