We’re Philly and much more!!!

MOVIEHOUSE PRODUCTIONS brings the following one-hour live programs to your group, including Rick Spector’s commentary, film,images and music. All equipment is provided as needed, worry is eliminated!

Choose a program from these topics:

Remember the Fabulous Fifties!!!!


Ride a magic time machine back to January 28, 1956. Watch News and Reviews, an “on air” magazine, built around a hilarious Honeymooners episode of the same date.  Relive highlights from the worlds of news, music, movies, television, sports , commercials and more!

Fast forward thru time and learn more about our stars following that amazing year of 1956!

…Brought to you courtesy of the  Latin Casino, Hotpoint, Plymouth with/push button transmission, the Turin Grotto Restaurant and  the United States Treasury’s Savings Stamp Program…

Movie History!

movie memories flyer2

All Americana!!

NC, 11-18 flyer

Philly Memories!

The Old Neighborhood


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Golden Age of Radio FlyerBook of Phila. Flyer 2021-update

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trip to lost Philadelphia


A-Z Flyer 5-18

Holiday Stew

Shibe park, 2018 flyer

The story of William Steele and Sons who built a magnificent ballpark and much of industrial Philadelphia. A great story of baseball, building and triumph to forge a bustling 20th century American city.


More Television and Movie History!

The Search for Superman


George Reeves’ Superman was a role model for millions of 1950’s tube-watching kids. Be witness to how a struggling movie actor became a TV golden age icon and the amazing era in which baby-boomers came of age.
Three Stooges Seminar

stooges in hats

The Three Stooges were more than just slapstick. Enroll in this fun-filled seminar to learn the basic principles of successful comedy that have ensured the Stooges’ popularity for more than 80 years. “Pre” and “post” tests. An extension class at your site by Whatsamata U.

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