MOVIEHOUSE PRODUCTIONS brings the following one-hour live programs to your group, including Rick Spector’s commentary,film,images and music. All equipment is provided as needed, worry is eliminated!

Choose a program from these topics:

Century of Movie Memories


From the streets of Philly to Hollywood Boulevard a tribute to 100 years of movies, including you, the film fan.

Good Things Come in Threes!Good Things Come In 3s

A Trip to Lost Philadelphia


Visit lost treasures including the Sears Tower, the Sinking Homes of Logan, mysterious “Point No Point” and Fairmount Park’s astounding “whispering bench”. Order lunch at a White Tower Restaurant and learn about a daring escape from Eastern State Penitentiary. And much more!

Holiday Stew

Holiday Stew

A Celebration of Our Winter Holiday Traditions. Stories you never knew about Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the New Year Celebration. Localites cook up some Holiday treats and share recipes. Follow the “bouncing ball” as your audience takes part in Holiday “Sing-A-Longs”.

Philly’s Famous and Infamous


Did you know that movie songstress Jeanette McDonald attended W. Philly High?… WC Fields was so suspicious of banks that he had accounts in more than seven-hundred institutions round the world?… notorious cold war atom spy Harry Gold lived in NE Philly?…Philly doctor WW Keen saved President Cleveland’s life in a secret operation? These unique tales and a treasure trove of trivia brought you in “Phil-Oddities”.

Nostalgia Cabinet

Atlantic City and much more! The popular culture of the 20th century. Music, movies, fads, toys, television, food and school day memories.



Remember NE Philly’s Crest,South Philly’s Ideal, Germantown’s Orpheum or West Philly’s Capital? Your group is transported back to “1939” as MOVIEHOUSE remembers these beloved “jewelboxes” as important symbols of vanished neighborhood life.

Three Stooges Seminar


The Three Stooges were more than just slapstick. Enroll in this funfilled seminar to learn the basic principles of successful comedy that have ensured the Stooges’ popularity for more than 80 years. Pre and post tests. An extension class at your site of Whatsamata U.

Search For Superman


George Reeves’ Superman was a role model for millions of 1950’s tube-watching kids. Be witness to how a struggling movie actor became a TV golden age icon and the amazing era in which baby-boomers came of age.

Book of Philadelphia


Remember Lintons, Horn and Hardart,Old Hires Root Beer, Fleers Bubble Gum? Do you know how the Tastykake Krimpit got its name? Did you know that the first Thanksgiving turkey was roasted in the City of Brotherly Love? Stories of Philly Foods are the main course of this “juicy” anthology of Philly stories.

Shibe Park (Connie Mack Stadium) and Beyond


The story of William Steele and Sons who built a magnificent ballpark and much of industrial Philadelphia. A great story of baseball, building and triumph to forge a bustling 20th century American city.

WNBP: Nostalgia Broadcasting in Philadelphia


From Philly’s 1920’s department store radio stations to the birth of American Bandstand, a sweeping story of the birth and development of broadcasting and the shows and personalities we loved.

Philadelphia A-Z


Learn the alphabet, Philadelphia style! “A” for Marian Anderson to ‘Z” for the Philadelphia Zoo.