Philly’s Janet Gaynor: The First Star of “A Star is Born”.

Janet Gaynor was born in Philly’s Germantown neighborhood in 1906. She was the first star in a succession of “A Star is Born” films. Ms. Gaynor was first to win the “Best Actress” Academy Award in 1928. She became a painter of beautiful “still lifes” in her later years.


David Raksin: Philly Film Composer: He Wrote “Laura”

Philadelphian David Raksin (1912-2004) was an outstanding film composer, with over four hundred movie and television scores to his credit. He is most noted for arranging the music for Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” and for writing the haunting score for the film “Laura”. Among his many honors, Mr. Raksin was elected to the Central High School Hall of Fame in 1979.