Bridesburg Historical Society, Philadelphia, enjoyed “Old Philadelphia Neighborhoods” …from Kathy O’Hanlon, President…

The presentation on Philly neighborhoods was a wonderful compilation of nostalgia, past and present residents, traditions, famous Philadelphians, and foods that are associated with the different neighborhoods, and other things that defined the neighborhoods. This program proves “…You can go home again” …


Dinner Club, Ivyland Presbyterian Church, Jeanne Ditsche, Coordinator, on “Philadelphia Radio, the Early Days”:”…

“…A delightful way to have your memories stirred and resurfaced. You will also gain some new knowledge about things you saw or heard about long ago. Pure entertainment!…”

Delaware Valley University, Center for Learning in Retirement:

“Radio Rick never fails to lead engaging and insightful online seminars on the history of Philadelphia and other topics for Delaware Valley University’s Center for Learning in Retirement members term after term. Many look forward to his classes-what does Radio Rick have in store next?!”

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