Jim’s Story: Growing up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Moviehouse Productions usual subject matter is “gritty “stories of growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This time, we throw our viewers a “change-up”, as we tell a story of coming of age in a rural area.

Our setting is Reinholds, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our storyteller is Jim Nolt, who spent his formative years in this beautiful farming community, mid 1940’s through the late 1960’s. Jim speaks of the hard work and joys of farm life, but also his attraction to the big city 65 miles southeast; the City of Brotherly Love.

Jim Nolt is a long time friend Moviehouse Productions’ Rick Spector. Jim and Rick share an interest in the Golden Age of Television, especially the “Adventures of Superman” program and its star George Reeves.

A bonus track follows Jim’s story. Jim tells us about his “The Adventures Continue”, his special effort to preserve memories of the 1950’s Superman show and George Reeves. Read more about “The Adventures Continue” at http://www.jimnolt.com

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