Philadelphia Radio: The Early Days

Moviehouse Productions proudly presents “Philadelphia Radio: The Early Days.” This documentary recounts the fascinating story of Philly’s development as a important force in radio from the 1920’s through the early 1960’s.

“Excitement” was the key word as Philly pioneered department store radio stations and big band remotes, boosted “talk radio” into the national consciousness, brought women in the broadcasting mainstream and established the FM signal as the clear choice for superior commercial radio sound.

Moviehouse Productions applauds the outstanding ongoing contributions of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. We appreciated the opportunity to interview several of their key members during the 1990’s to learn how each made radio history. The interviewees stories have been presented by Moviehouse Productions via lecture to numerous community groups throughout the years. In 2022, we are pleased to bring this work to video.

Our interviewees were:

Jack Steck- producer and director from the dawn of radio age through the birth of television
Taylor Grant- outstanding and outspoken sportscaster, newscaster, and commentator
Ed Harvey- established WCAU as the national leader in talk radio.
Marge Wieting- pioneering woman “disc jockey”
Jerry Lee- the “Father” of modern FM radio

“Philadelphia Radio: The Early Days” is beamed to you by “WNBP (Nostalgic Broadcasting in Philadelphia). “WNBP” is Moviehouse Productions’ station which transmits from the Sears Tower in Northeast Philadelphia. The Sears Tower was demolished in 1994, but some claim its broadcast signals are still perceptible on the Roosevelt Boulevard.

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