Let’s Remember Logan

Logan is a neighborhood in upper North Philadelphia. Infamous now for the “sinking homes” in its “triangle” section, Logan was once a vibrant and bustling predominantly Jewish community. Rita Rosen Poley shares her story about landmark “Rosen’s Famous Bakery” and other memories that made Logan a vital part of “Lost Philly”…


9 thoughts on “Let’s Remember Logan”

  1. Thank you for the memories. I grew up at 4751 N. Franklin St. Are house was one of the sinking homes. So many great memories from the old neighborhood.


  2. grew up in Logan, used to go into Rosen’s get my number, go next door to THOMAS and GORMAN, get the deli or fish and go back to Rosen’s and get the bread and mini bagel for my sister. Was in the Boy Scouts with Mary and knew Rita and Mary’s mom and dad they were wonderful people. Like my second parents. Grew up in Logan was special, I was brought up to never forget where I was from. Visit Suffolk and the Boardwalk in Ventnor. This a bench to prove that message. Everything I learned that is important, I learned there.


  3. Thanks for the memories. I grew up in Logan and as a kid worked at Rosen’s bakery and the White Palace. Growing up was a ball played stick ball wire ball box ball buck buck chink etc never a dull moment. AZA and great friends. No cell phones no internet just the neighborhood. Went to Birney Cooke and Central. Thanks again and hi Rita


  4. Thank you…I used to visit my two Aunts, who lived in Logan, one at 4608 N. 11th st and the other at 719 Wyoming Ave..I remember going to Rosens, the White Palace, Rubes, and R&W…It was quite a treat, because I lived in Reading, Pa…we didn’t have all of these great Jewish bakeries and food stores….again, thanks for the memories.


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